Brewers Only

This Page is for The Participating Breweries for the LKN Beer Fest

Thank you for being a vital part of this year’s LKN Beer Fest! The following will help you plan your day and also let you know what is expected to make this festival a success.

  • Check in at the front gate.
  • You are able to set up as early as 12 noon.
  • We expect you to stay until at least 9pm, please no early departures.
  • Early departures and running out of beer is unacceptable and you risk not being invited back in the future.
  • Serving times are from 3pm-9pm.
  • We are expecting 3,000 people with 65+ beers and 25 breweries, so plan accordingly when deciding on how much beer to bring for the day; we suggest the following:
    • 4 kegs
    • 108 6-packs
    • Your serving tables should be pulled to the front of the tents, to ease congestion and to discourage people from “camping out” under the tent and blocking the lines. We want the lines to run smoothly and fast. This will also leave you plenty of space for your business and display.
    • We will have plenty of volunteers, if you need something, please ask us. We want this to be as pleasant for you as we want it to be for the patrons.
    • We want you to enjoy yourself and join us again next year in 2014. We have big plans for this festival in 2014 and would love for you to be a part of it.