Blue Point


The Blue Point Brewing Company is Long Island’s only microbrewery. It was founded in 1998 by two long-time friends, Mark Burford and Pete Cotter.

The brewery was inspired by their life-long dream and built from a rare assemblage of equipment collected from breweries around the country.


Storage tanks, fermentation vessels, and other brewing equipment were also gathered from other breweries like Frederick, LaJolla, Red Hook, Pilgrim and others.

The brewery’s unique direct-fire brew kettle, dismantled brick by brick from a brewery in Maryland and rebuilt in Patchogue, imparts a lightly toasted, complex taste to produce a line of ultra premium microbrews.

Located in the 1970’s Penguin Ice Factory on River Avenue in Patchogue, Blue Point Brewing Company’s 5000 square foot facility gives them ample space for brewing 10,000 kegs of beer a year. Kegs from the brewery are unpasteurized, and delivered cold to ensure they are as fresh tasting as possible-a feature only a local brewery can offer.


Blue Point Brewing’s delicious beers are largely the result of our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients. We meticulously examine samples and review reports on moisture, enzymatic content of various barley crops to select the best from Germany, England and Belgium. Some of our hops also come from Germany and England as well as the Pacific Northwest which are considered to be some of the best in the world. Canadian 2- row Pale malt serves as the base of all of our beers, and our laboratory carefully stores and monitors our unique American Ale and a traditional southern Bavarian Lager yeast strains.


It all begins in our 25-barrel brew house.  Blazing hot flames from a unique direct-fire brew kettle imparts a lightly toasted and complex flavor to our brews. All of Blue Point Brewing’s beer is made from imported, top quality malts. Then Hops are lavishly added at three different stages throughout our brewing process.

Malted barley, a cereal grain, provides body and color to the beer. Crushed in the mill and conveyed to the Mash Tun, it’s then mixed with hot water to create mash. The sweet fermentable liquid from the mash, called wort, it’s runoff through the screened plates to the kettle. While the wort runs off, the grain is again sprayed with hot water, in a process called sparging (much like perking coffee). When all the wort is off, the spent grains are collected and recycled as cattle feed for a farm in Riverhead, long Island.

When the kettle is full, we start the boil and hops (a small resinous flower) providing bitterness and aroma to the beer. We use a number of different aromatic hop varieties for the lagers and ales. After hours of boiling, we cool the wort on its way to the fermenter where our unique strain of brewer’s yeast is waiting for it. At the end a few days, the yeast has utilized sugars from the wort, giving off carbon dioxide and alcohol and we almost have a fresh brew ready to taste.

At the end of Blue Point Brewing’s fermentation process, the beer is chilled to near freezing so that the yeast settles out. Beer flavors begin to mature at this stage (secondary fermentation). During the next 7-10 days of storage we also dry hop some varieties of our microbrews at this stage. By adding fresh hops right to the cellar tank, it gives our beer an exciting aroma.

The beer is aged for up to a month or more depending on style. At this point the beer is filtered to remove protein and yeast. The bright, filtered beer is now ready for kegging and bottling.

Our beers are all natural and poured without preservatives, fresh and unpasteurized. Served up by the glass, in easy-to-carry growlers, in 5 gallon slim kegs, half kegs, or for your next monster blowout get it by Blue Point Brewing’s refrigerated party truck.

Blueberry Ale

Who knew that throwing some blueberries into a batch of beer one day would have worked out so well?  While there are no Oompa-Loompas involved in its production; there’s definitely something special that makes Blueberry Ale one of our top-sellers.

Our fresh Blueberry Ale offers an unusual twist on brewing that turns out to be a wonderful blend of fresh blueberries matched with a distinctive, thirst quenching ale.  We carefully add 732 pounds of fresh, plump and juicy, handpicked, USA Northern Highbush Blueberries to every batch.  Even before your first sip of Blueberry Ale, a strong, refreshing sweet fruit aroma emanates from the bottle, kicking your taste-buts into overdrive.

1.040 OG, 14 IBU’s, 4.39% ABV

Hoptical Illusion

We won’t go as far as saying you’ll see things after partaking in a few, but one or two will leave you craving more.  Our classic, American-style Indian Pale Ale (IPA) features a rare hop grown exclusively on a small farm in Oregon.  One taste and you’ll understand why we bought the entire crop.

Our Hoptical Illusion IPA is brewed with a generous amount of this select hop that’s added five different ways for maximum hop flavor.  The delicious, resiny, citrus-burst that you taste is the “Essence of the Hop” which is balanced by a malty backbone yielding an intense, golden ale.  Hoptical Illusion tantalizes beer lovers’ taste-buds, while its colorful, psychedelic packaging is candy for the eyes.

1.064 OG, 60 IBU’s, 6.8% ABV

Toasted Lager

The best thing to come out of a brick oven since pizza.  Truth be told, we’ve upgraded from out original direct-fire brick kettle, but out flagship Toasted Lager still has the same toasted flavor it was named for.

Copper in color, our most popular and unique brew is made from six different malts, including English Pale, Crystal, Munich, Carapils, Wheat, and Belgian Caravienna.  Toasted Lager’s balanced flavor of malt and hops makes for easy drinking and the special lager yeast we use produces an exceptional, long-lasting smooth finish.

1.054 OG,  28 IBU’s,  5.5 ABV

White IPA

Remaining at the forefront of experimentation, the brewers at Blue Point have produced a white beer/IPA hybrid that is well on its way to creating a new style for the beer description books.

Our White IPA is an unfiltered European-style white ale with a fresh American IPA finish.  Brewed with malted and unmulted wheat and just the right amount of west coast hops, it’s fermented with Belgian yeast to give it a perfectly balanced character with less bitterness than traditional IPAs

1.060 OG,  40 IBU,  6.0% ABV