Ass Clown Brewing Company

Founder Matt Glidden grew up on a dairy farm in Addison, Vermont.  That hard work ethic and life experiences led to the founding of Ass Clown Brewing, which believes in making a product that uses the best local organic ingredients (when available) at a reasonable price.

Ass Clown also believes it is important to know what’s in the beer you drink and that it is made in an environmentally responsible way.  Ass Clown Brewing strives to be  a “green” brewing company, using alternative energy and finding uses for brewing waste. For example, our warehouse will have recycled items, lights, furniture and equipment.

Local ingredients will also be a focus for Ass Clown Brewing Company. We grow our own hops.  As our production expands we will be looking for North Carolina hop growing farms, malting farms, spices and fruits.