Charity Case

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How would you describe a Charity Case™ show? It’s “an arena show in a club.” From the curtain drop opening of Thunderstruck, to the mix of current and classic hits, to the huge stage risers and incredible light show, it’s one non-stop party. From the moment the show starts until it ends two hours later it’s the most energetic, high energy show you’ll find anywhere, crafted with top quality musicianship and non-stop surprises that keep people dancing and singing along through the entire show. Mixing rock from the 80’s, 90’s and today, old school hip-hop that’s rocked out and even a dash of country, Charity Case™ keeps people coming and their shows sell out everywhere.

They all do it for the same reasons, to be the best band they can be, have a great time and most importantly, raise lots of money for a good cause. To date, Charity Case™ has played over 200 shows and has raised over $920,000 for Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids.